In close cooperation with our customers, we find the best technical solutions for your project

Developing complex components

Lightweight construction and the increasing diversification of powertrain concepts, models and body variants require ever more complex and individual components. 

Together with our customers, we develop tooling concepts and component solutions that look across materials not just for a steel or aluminum solution, but - in close collaboration with customers - for the material mix that best solves the complex requirements.

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AM Tooling is ready for the
green transformation

We produce components and equipment for electric cars and the green automotive industry. We focus on our energy consumption for the solutions we produce. For example, we have replaced our fossil hydraulic press with a 100% electric servo press when working in the aluminium segment.

We develop, test and deploy complex components that help reduce CO2 emissions. It is essential that we develop and demonstrate new methods, systems and solutions to transform manufacturing methods in order to achieve the ambitious targets we have - both nationally and globally

We have already developed

V-support (V-strebe)

Aluminium component for fixing the engine cooling system. 

AM Tooling has developed and manufactured a complete production plant for the production of V-Strebe in close co-operation with our customers.

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We are here to advise you.

Together with you, we develop a concept that we are sure will last the lifetime of the order. AM Tooling's sales team are all technically well versed and can assist you and your team with technical solutions.

Rene Hansen
Rene Hansen
Sales Engineer, Automotive
Arbejdsproces for special værktøj

Partnership throughout the production process

If you would like AM Tooling's help in manufacturing tooling and equipment for a component, we will assist you from the design phase through the delivery of tooling and special equipment for the job.

AM Tooling's work does not end until we have commissioned and run-in the purchased equipment at your facility, wherever that may be. We will work with you to develop the right tooling and fixtures, help you design your components, and develop a manufacturing process that keeps costs as low as possible.

All from one supplier!

Technical possibilities

Based on our competences within components in Aluminium and steel
we offer the following:

  • Construction of servo presses
  • Construction of servo and hydraulic machining stations
  • Construction of fully automatic saws with equipment
  • Construction subject lubrication stations
  • Manufacture of tools for forming - punching bending, punching and progressive bending as well as stretch bending.
  • Deburring - brush deburring
  • Automatic assembly of parts and components using clinching, nut assembly, blind riveting and in punch riveting.
  • Machining of any kind - milling, turning, sawing up to 5 axes.
  • Implementation of washing systems in cooperation with well-known suppliers.
  • Continuous, fully automatic material transport between manufacturing processes ensures optimum component quality and prevents mix-ups and transport damage.
  • In cooperation with our electricians and plant programmers.
    it is possible for us, in cooperation with you, to prepare and apply Industry 4.0.

Your order is
our project

We turn your orders into our projects.
An individual team of highly trained project managers takes care of you throughout the entire process. Our competent contact persons are always available and can therefore react quickly to your wishes. We implement your component changes reliably within the framework of a structured change management.

Our supplier monitoring helps us to avoid delivery errors and enables us to react quickly to changing conditions.

We are there to make your project a success!

Carsten Laursen
Carsten Laursen
Lars Flygenring
Lars Arntoft Flygenring
Kasper Andy Quist
Production assistant
Ole Andersen
Ole Andersen
Rune Christensen
Rune P. Christensen

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